2 years ago

Fear and loathing in Kingfisher Episode 1

Enjoy the first episode of Fear and Loathing in Kingfisher Resort- an exciting video series produced by Kite Utopia. The series focus on Kite Utopia's experience when Kitesurfing Kingfisher (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines).


3 years ago

Kitesurfing in Thailand

Within the last few of years kitesurfing or kiteboarding is becoming an sport that is extremely popular Hua Hin. There are now at the very least ten kitesurfing schools in Hua Hin providing lessons, equipment and tuition for hire.

Steady th

3 years ago

Malaysia: The Asian Beauty

The country that is splendid of shops a rich stock of diversified heritage, traditions, and culture. The mesh that is vivid of religious and racial backgrounds that feature the heritage of Asia in Malays, Chinese, and Indians and the cultural mark read more...